August 20, 2010

Choctaw codetalkers documentary

Choctaw Code Talkers DocumentaryNative American Public Telecommunications, Inc. (NAPT) announces the release of a new documentary to premier on national television is fall.

The 56 minute documentary examines the pivotal role Choctaw soldiers played in helping shape an earlier end of World War I. “The government had sworn them to secrecy about what they did” said Evangeline Wilson, relative of Code Talkers Mitchell Bobb and James Edwards, Sr.

Co-produced by Red-Horse Native Productions, Inc., Valhalla Motion Pictures and NAPT, Choctaw Code Talkers portrays intimate and engaging look into the lives of the brave men, their families, their dreams and their patriotism to a country who would remember them as heroes.
Comment:  For more on the codetalkers, see How the Codetalkers Won the War and Mythologizing the Codetalkers. For more on documentaries, see Native Documentaries and News.

Below:  "Choctaw soldiers return to the United States from fighting in WWI on June 7, 1919. Courtesy Stacy Mahoney."

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