August 25, 2010

Book features Cherokee art

‘Building One Fire’:  Culture through art

The Cherokee Nation published a book featuring 200 works from 80 different Cherokee artists.

By Teddye Snell
Since the beginning of time, people have gained a better understanding of different cultures through art.

The Cherokee Nation recently released “Building One Fire: Art and World View in Cherokee Life,” featuring 200 works from 80 different Cherokee artists.

The hard-bound, coffee-table book was compiled by Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad Smith, Dr. Rennard Strickland, and Benny Smith.

The trio provide the narrative for the book, which includes an opening message from Chief Smith, teachings from Benny Smith, a Cherokee philosopher, as well as observations from Strickland, an expert in Indian law and an avid collector and authority on Cherokee art.

“It appeared to me a few years ago that there was a need to publish a book that captured the Cherokee way of life through art and history--something that would distinguish southeast art and Cherokee people from other tribal art and cultures,” said Chief Smith. “The idea was something like an art history book that focuses on the Cherokee art style and the historical underpinnings for it.”
Comment:  This posting contradictions the notion that the Cherokee are a bunch of wannabes who have no art or culture.

For more on the subject, see Tahlequah as Art Destination.

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