August 15, 2010

Knox Gas glasses in RETROspective

Exhibit features ‘retro’ Indian Art

By Eric OeschA new exhibit at the Red Earth Museum & Gallery in downtown Oklahoma City entitled “RETROspective” features select pieces from the museum’s permanent collection that reflects upon a 50-year span of contemporary and modern American Indian art styles from the 1930s-1980s.

Featured in the exhibit are 1959-era Oklahoma Indian glasses, pitcher and a wooden tray that were available free from Knox Gas Stations all over Oklahoma with the purchase of 10 gallons or more. Knox Industries commissioned Oklahoma Native American artist Acee Blue Eagle to produce eight paintings for reproduction on 15 oz. tumblers. A complete set is a rarity today.
Below:  "A complete set of Knox Gasoline 'Oklahoma Indian' glasses including pitcher and serving tray, circa 1959, designed by Muscogee/Creek artist Acee Blue Eagle." (Erin Merryweather)

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