August 27, 2010

Blog about "headdress love"

Adrienne Keene of the Native Appropriations blog found this and posted it on Facebook:

headdress lovededicated to my love of indian-style headresses
i wish i had a beautiful one like these here

A Native American headdress is typically worn by the tribe leader or chief. Moreover, it was common for the Indians to wear headdress during ceremonial events or custom rituals. Because the Indians were very industrious, they would craft their own headdress. By and large, headdresses were made from turkey or bird feathers, and included other decorative features and colors for style. Additionally, headdresses were created in multiple sizes.

Some comments on "headdress love" from Facebook:Ugh, what is the deal? Willful ignorance.

'Why do I love headdresses? Because they are so fierce.' I understand using 'fierce' to describe fashion, but to use it in this context is just beyond ignorant.

It has everything to do with female sexual desire--the desire to be the exotic other, to consume, even to coerce.

It was awkward enough when it was just October 31st but now apparently we get to dress up every day of the year! (Plus some awesome use of the past tense there, geez!)

Uff. This is the cherry on the douchebag-flavored cake of Hipsterdom. Gah.

UGGGHHHHHHHHH not only is the description totally moronic, but also everything is in the past tense. Clearly we're all dead now. Must...breathe....
And a couple from the blog itself:You are a fool.

Do you have any idea how offensive this blog is?
Comment:  I think the commenters pretty much said it all. The only thing I'd note is the talk of the Indians' industriousness--how they made headdresses in different styles and different sizes, too. It's as if the blogger were surprised that Indians weren't savages after all. They were smart enough to make more than one kind of headdress...can you believe it?

For more on the subject, see The Hipster Headdress Challenge and Why Hipster Headdresses Aren't Okay.

Below:  Natalie Portman in a hipster headdress.

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