August 28, 2010

Cher in a headdress

Here's more evidence that wearing a headdress to make a splash isn't a new or recent phenomenon:

Sonny and Cher, together againDec. 16, 1976: Sonny and Cher clasp hands playfully in their first joint concert appearance in three years. Their performance was part of the annual KHJ Christmas benefit at the Forum in Inglewood.

Comment:  People have questioned whether Cher is part Indian for decades. The last thing I recall seeing said she may be a tiny part Cherokee. But Wikipedia lists her mother as being Cherokee first, before English or French.

CherHer father, John Sarkisian, was an Armenian refugee who worked as a truck driver. Her mother, Georgia Holt (born Jackie Jean Crouch in Sharp County, Arkansas, on June 20, 1927), an aspiring actress and occasional model, is of Cherokee, English, and French descent.A lot of website repeat this information, sometimes putting Cherokee last instead of first. But some sites say she isn't Indian at all:

Ancestry of CherCher is usually described as being (part-)Cherokee, but none of her currently-known ancestors are described as anything other than White.CherCher has repeatedly said that all claims of her being part-Cherokee are false.Whether she's part Cherokee or not, she shouldn't be wearing a Plains headdress. I hope she knows better now than she did then.

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Chief Turn Back Chers Time said...

Trust me, Cher is not native! She is only a popular entertainer that made it big by getting naked with some very important people. She cannot sing, dance, and struggled to act. Sonny Bono was the talented one Cher got rich off of! He wrote songs that made many people hits and served as a local politician in California. Cher's look of ethnicity comes from her Armenian roots, which she has more blood of, than her mothers native blood, which is minimal. Have you ever seen Cher's mom? They look more European than Indian.