August 15, 2010

Cherokee choir's 10th anniversary

Cherokee National Youth Choir marks its 10th year

By Jami CusterThe Cherokee National Youth Choir celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a reunion concert consisting of current and former members Aug. 5 at the Cornerstone Fellowship Church.

Singing songs the choir has performed during its 10 years, the reunited group consisted of youth choir alumni, former director Jan Ballou and country singer/songwriter Becky Hobbs, who wrote the song “Tsa La Gi, We are Many” for the event.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Cherokee Choir Sings Old Favorites and Cherokee Choir's 7th CD.

Below:  "Singer/songwriter Becky Hobbs takes a photo with the 2010 Cherokee National Youth Choir after its 10-year anniversary concert on Aug. 5 at the Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Tahlequah, Okla. The choir performed a song Hobbs wrote for it called Tsa La Gi, We are Many." (Jami Custer)

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