April 29, 2011

"Surprised Indians use cellphones"

Exchange students–Bozeman and reservation teens learn from each other

By Gail Schontzler"I don't think we get exposed to cultures as much as we should," Chloe Nostrant, 16, a sophomore at Bozeman High, said Wednesday. "We're almost--"

"Isolated," said sophomore Peter Obermeyer, 15, finishing Nostrant's sentence. "It's been valuable just to learn about another culture. ...We learned what life on the reservation is like."
And:Native students said they have to contend with stereotypes people have about Indians. Rider said drinking and gambling are the biggest stereotypes. If she goes outside Montana, she said, people think they live in tepees and wear buckskin dresses and moccasins. They're surprised Indians use cell phones.Comment:  This is another amazing statement of what non-Indians think about Indians. It's why Indians need much more exposure in the news and entertainment media.

For more on the subject, see Comic-Book Characterizations of Natives and 70% Think Indians Are Extinct.

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Anonymous said...

You mean Indians actually live in the 21st century? Dear God, next thing they'll see Indians driving cars or going on the internet.