April 08, 2011

Tribe of Arrows reality show

An Italian reality TV show intends to mock honor Indians by parading wannabes in silly costumes. Here's the scoop (translated from the Italian by Google Chrome):

Tribe of ArrowsThe League of American Indian lives in the web reality show


On 14 and 15 April 2011 in Rome to attend the casting.

Will be held on Thursday 14 and Friday, April 15 from 10am at the LUISS University in Rome, selected to participate in Web reality show dedicated to Native Americans.

Students, with bows, quivers full of arrows, necklaces and pens will be transformed into new metropolitan Indians to cluster in a wild community and attend a week of fun zooming around Italy and invading the city on foot and on horseback. Totem, parades, songs, dances and tribal propitiatory accompany the Tribe of Arrows in each stage.

The age-old myth of American Indians, still live in the collective, returns to unleash the imagination and the dream and find the "Tribe of Arrows" dissemination of new ideas for a troubled history as fascinating as that old and still passionate new generations.

The journey of the Tribe of Arrows, which will depart from Rome on the morning of Friday, May 6 will be filmed and distributed on YouTube and the Web more social networks.

Believing in the rematch of the American Indians, be bright, want to have fun, adventure, meet new people, to socialize, to move and travel are the fundamental requirements for being part of the "Tribe of Arrows."

The Tribe is about to leave the Arrows, Big Boss wants you!
Comment:  This sounds like pure, "comical" stereotyping along the lines of MTV's Dudesons. I suspect it'll be horribly offensive.

For more on Indians and Italians, see Red Man Films Heads to Italy, Italian Dance of the Indians, and Operation Red Nose.

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