April 26, 2011

Twilight tribe seeks fans' help

U.S. Tribe Cites Tsunami, 'Twilight' In Bid To Expand

By Tom BanseAn Indian tribe in Washington state wants to move its village to higher ground, citing concerns over a possible tsunami from earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean.

But it takes an act of Congress to expand a reservation. So the Quileute tribe is hoping to get the word out—in part by relying on its newfound popularity as a tourist site for fans of the Twilight series of books and movies. In those stories, the Quileute lands are teeming with werewolves.
Restating the point in a bit more detail:Only Congress can adjust the boundaries of a national park. And it's done that before—in December, lawmakers gave the nearby Hoh Indian Tribe a sliver of Olympic park land. That tribe is now planning its move out of the tsunami zone.

But the Quileutes are asking for much more land: about 785 acres of the national park, some of it designated wilderness. And to help its cause, the tribe is seeking to enlist an unusual ally: the huge fan base of the Twilight vampire saga.
Comment:  Other than doing what it's already done--communicating via its website and YouTube--it's not clear how the tribe plans to enlist Twilight fans. Ask them to write letters or e-mails? The article should've discussed this point since it was in the headline.

For more on the subject, see Quileute Exhibit Says "We're Not Werewolves" and Fans Still Ignorant About Quileutes.


Anonymous said...

I really didn't like the term "Twilight tribe". In addition to being horrible books, and now becoming used to separate the day-walking, sparkly, "vegetarian" "vampires" of Twilight from the traditional image of vampires, "twilight" was an old slang for homosexuals because they used to hang out in the industrial parks at twilight.

Rob said...

I've never heard of that use of "twilight."