February 17, 2013

Eagle Boy flies in Norway

‘Eagle Boy’ learns to fly in Norway

By Vince DevlinIn this engaging documentary from Gry Elisabeth Mortensen that follows Sage through his year in Norway, the Montana Indian tries, with limited success, to make friends.

He hops on playground equipment with other kids only to see them jump off and head someplace else. They’re all good skiers; Sage is just learning. His attempts to talk to them are met with “Sorry, we don’t speak American.”

When he goes home, it’s not to one like his house in the forest back in Montana, but to a unit in an city apartment complex.

When International Day comes up at Sage’s elementary school, Sage’s father, Dean, wants Sage to dress in his colorful costume and feathers and dance like he did at the powwows back home, in front of the whole school.
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Comment:  For more on Native-themed documentaries, see Documentary About Jim Pepper and Thoughts on Casino Jack Documentary.

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