February 18, 2013

Louis Riel Day at Festival du Voyageur

Louis Riel celebrated at Festival du VoyageurMany Manitobans had the day off Monday, with Louis Riel Day being marked across the province.

Festival du Voyageur hosted special activities all day to commemorate the life of Riel, the founder of Manitoba who fought for Metis rights.

Riel lead the Red River Rebellion and helped create The Manitoba Act, but his life was cut short when he was found guilty of treason and hanged in 1885.

“More and more people are learning the story of Louis Riel and understanding the story behind the creation of Manitoba,” said Phillipe Mailhot, the director of the Saint Boniface Museum.

Festivities began with a Metis flag presentation at Voyageur Park at noon and continued with the Louis Riel Look-A-Like Contest at 3 p.m.
Comment:  For more on Louis Riel, see Louis Riel Graphic Novel E-Book and Happy Louis Riel Day!

Below:  "Most people at Festival took shelter inside the tents, leaving the grounds eerily empty." (Marjorie Dowhos/CBC)

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