February 03, 2013

Commerce Casino's racist "Mayan" commercial

Doomsday apocalypse, Jamie Kennedy style. Aired live on KDOC Channel 56 during First Night with Jamie Kennedy New Years Eve Special.Comment:  The premise for this video is simple. "Mayans" (white guys dressed up in Plains outfits and garishly painted like clowns) predicted the world would end and thus spent all their money. Now they need to go to a casino to make more money.

You can see how bad this video is from the default image. Or from any random moment in the three-minute production.

As some commenters noted:Wowwwwww that's incredibly racist.

If you guys were smart you take that off of YouTube.

It's cool to see the Commerce Casino and Hotel supports overt racism.
Indeed it is racist. Newspaper Rock readers don't need me to explain why.

For more on racist videos, see "Native American Christmas Gangnam Dance" and No Doubt's Looking Hot Video.

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Anonymous said...

The prime example of what Americans know about native people and cultural cannibalism in the US. If Americans don't know their own history and accept Americana culture as a bastard culture, then how could they know anything legitimate or solid about indigenous cultures that were here thousands of years before them?