April 26, 2013

"Cherokee" crooks steal copper wire

Thieves posting as Cherokee Indians steal 40,000 pounds of copper wire from Seattle City LightAbout 40,000 pounds of copper wire were stolen from Seattle City Light after crooks tricked staff into showing them exactly where it was stored.

The thieves claimed to be from an Indian tribe trying to raise money for disabled kids.

The theft took place here at City Light's South Service Center, but the thieves didn't have to get over the security fence. Someone there let them in.

Seattle City Light admitted it was tricked.

“They had a very convincing hoax that we’re now investigating as to why we fell for that,” said City Light Spokesman John Gustafson.

Gustafson said it happened Tuesday when two men dressed in Native American attire claiming to be Cherokee Indians were escorted onto the secure property. They said they wanted to collect a few pounds of scrap metal to raise money for a disabled children's charity.

Instead, investigators said the thieves used two large trucks to haul away 20 tons of scrap copper wire.
Comment:  I wonder what kind of "Native American attire" the crooks were wearing. Jeans? Overalls? Business suits? And how did this "attire" make them look different from anyone else?

Oh, you mean they were wearing "leathers and feathers"--i.e., stereotypical Indian outfits? And that convinced someone they were Indians?!

If I saw two guys dressed like that, I'd assume they were wannabes. Or escapees from a Halloween/frat/bar party. The idea that they were actual Indians would be well down the list.

Even if the "Cherokees" looked and acted genuine, why would you believe their story about a charity? Because all Indians are noble and spiritual like the wolf and the eagle? How about doing a background check on them and watching them collect "scrap metal" like you would with anyone else.

And this story took place in Seattle? Which is about as far as you can get in the continental US from any center of Cherokee activity. While there may be Cherokee-run charities in Seattle, the notion screams for skepticism and scrutiny.

So I wonder again how the thieves pulled it off. And how stupid were the security guards to fall for it? Pretty stupid, I guess.

For once, the people with stereotypical beliefs suffered for their ignorance. If people learned the facts about Indians, they wouldn't fall for scams like this. Duh.

For more on Cherokee pretenders, see My Thoughts on Brown vs. Warren and Sumter Native American Family Tribe.


Anonymous said...

Good God, scammers love the sob stories. "Yeah, look at us, we're raising money for disabled kids. And we're Indians, so you know all the tropes in our life all too well from fiction because we know how you white people love to hear about poverty."

dmarks said...

Anon: are you always a stupid racist, or is this just a bad day for you?

Unintelligent bigots like you give themselves away with claims that all members of this-or-that race love to do or always do this or that. You donned the pointed white robe perfectly.