April 14, 2013

Charles Bronson in Never So Few

Video: Charles Bronson: Navajo Code Talker?Legendary actor Charles Bronson, the son of Lithuanian immigrant parents and raised in Pennsylvania, was the prototypical big screen tough guy and star of films Death Wish and The Dirty Dozen. Perhaps his most interesting role, at least for Indian country, was that of Sgt. John Danforth, a Navajo Code Talker, in the 1959 picture Never So Few. And this is really interesting:

Stephanie Allen found and posted to her YouTube page a clip from the film, which she describes thusly:

"Navajo Code Talker portrayed by Charles Bronson in the 1959 film Never So Few. Quite rare simply because the code wasn't declassified until 1968. Listen to the radio's response, Bronson's Navajo might be fake, but the Navajos on the radio responding are real Navajo dialects."
Comment:  For more on the Navajo codetalkers, see Japanese Photographer Specializes in Codetalkers and Codetalker Congressional Gold Medals.

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