April 29, 2013

Warpath in new X-Men movie

Apache Superhero Warpath to be in New X-Men Movie

By Steve MohanJames Proudstar, better known as Warpath, is a superhero from the Marvel Universe that grew up on an Apache reservation. "X-Men: Days of the Future Past" director Bryan Singer tweeted out a video(see below) showing that Warpath will be featured in the upcoming movie.

The short video shows chairs from the movie set with the character names on them. One of those chairs shows "James Warpath Proudstar" as one of those characters. Although not confirmed it is assumed that Booboo Stewart from the "Twilight" franchise will be taking on the role of Warpath.

In the comics, Warpath plays the younger brother of Thunderbird, a former X-Men who died in the line of duty. Warpath started off as a villain who blamed the X-Men and Charles Xavier for his brother's death. He eventually becomes a hero and has been a major character in many Marvel titles since then.
Comment:  Warpath started off as a grief-stricken antagonist, not a villain. He's turned into a one-dimensional killing machine in recent years--i.e., a stereotypical savage.

Booboo Stewart isn't Native and shouldn't get the role. That's another casting crime perpetuated against Native actors.

For more on Indians and the X-Men, see Why Thunderbird Was Killed and No Indians in X-Men Movies.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, Thunderbird was pretty one-dimensional, and only his death kept him from Scrappydom. Too much like Wolverine, really. (Though I really don't like Wolverine as much as Marketing does.)

dmarks said...

Oh. is this Fanservice Man back again? The capitalization of Marketing makes me guess!

Rob said...

Yeah, I don't have a problem with why they killed off Thunderbird. How they killed him off is another matter.

Unknown said...

Stewart is part Native American though....