May 23, 2014

Trebek, Wale defend "Redskins"

Redskins use rapper Wale, Alex Trebek to defend their nameAllen's letter states their usual defenses of the name, including that an "overwhelming majority" of Native American tribes are not offended by it. He backs up this claim with a poll that was taken 10 years ago, even though a Sports Illustrated article written two months ago found that although it is "a complicated and nuanced issue"€in the Native American community, the name is not defended by an overwhelming majority.

The team went on to retweet a Washington Times article about D.C. rapper Wale speaking out against Senator Reid and then sent out another tweet showing Jeopardy host Alex Trebek's support of the name.
Two giants of pop culture weigh in. No word yet on what Kim Kardashian, Paula Deen, or Honey Boo Boo think.

Wale a rappin’ about Reid attackin’ Redskins owner

By Steve Tetreault“Anyone been following the Senator Reid Stuff???” Wale wrote, following with “I don’t respect it. He pointin fingers but he super sketchy. Senator Reid got a lot to say about other ppl bein racist. But I did a lil research. He sketchy.”

Reid “tryna use racism to make a bigger name for his self. I’m. Not into politics like that but it’s a right an wrong thing.”
Rapper Wale says Reid denounced "Redskins" to gain attention. Yeah, because a powerful senator needs more publicity.

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