May 12, 2014

Fallin suffers fallout from stereotyping

People are still talking about Christina Fallin's headdress and "sheep" shawl incidents. Some tidbits from a long article:

Does He Realize? Protesters Not Satisfied With Wayne Coyne's Apology

By Wilhelm MurgCoyne distanced himself from Fallin and Pink Pony in the interview by denouncing the band’s music as “stupid” and while Fallin has insisted from the beginning that she never intended to offend Native Americans, Coyne contradicts her and corroborates what the Native American protestors have said all along, that Fallin and Pink Pony were taunting the protesters.

“I thought [Pink Pony] making fun of the protestors seemed stupid,” Coyne was quoted as saying. “And I just thought, ‘Why don't you just go out there and play your music, tell them you're sorry and play some cool music, and that would be what the festival is about?’ And Pink Pony handled it badly.”
And:Coyne also seems to be saying that he just happened to be laughing while Native American people were being taunted in public, but he was not laughing at them, he was just generally having a good time during the taunting. “Yes,” Coyne was quoted, “I was at the festival. People probably saw me laugh. I took pictures with probably 500 people that night. I'm laughing in probably all the pictures.”

“I, myself, had eye contact with Wayne; he and his little girlfriend were laughing and pointing at us,” said protester and former Flaming Lips fan, Louis Fowler. Fowler, who is Choctaw, was there as a journalist covering the protest, but decided the situation was too overwhelming to remain impartial and picked up a sign and joined the protesters. “You come face to face with someone you respected and who you wasted so much money on between concerts and albums. For him to do that--it was really heartbreaking.”
And:“I pretty much believe [Fallin's boyfriend] Steven Battles is the mastermind behind all of this, and Christina Fallin--and you can quote me on this--Christina Fallin is like his dumb little automaton that does what he says," Louis Fowler said. “In the interview she did with Indian Country Today she had ample opportunity to apologize and speak her own mind, but she sounds like a brainwashed cult victim. When she was referring to Steven Battles as a 'philosopher' she sounded like she might as well be drinking the Kool-Aid at Jonestown.”

The Lost Ogle, an Oklahoma City information site, is reporting that Battles’ radio show for Oklahoma City’s “The Spy” has been canceled. The Pink Pony Facebook page has been taken down and the Oklahoma City fashion and beauty magazine So6ix has severed its ties with Fallin, who was working with the publication as a media consultant, according to the site.
And:Louis Fowler says he will definitely continue this protest. “My greatest resource, my greatest talent is my writing, so I’ll use that and I’ll use whatever means I can. I never realized what a significant problem this is in our state. It’s been one of the most heartbreaking and soul draining things I’ve ever encountered in my life.”

“I think Wayne Coyne and Christina Fallin operate in a tower so tall they can't even see where their arrows are landing,” Samantha Crain said. “It is possible that my next move may be another protest. As long as they hold the beliefs that they do, I don't believe there is much forgiveness from the Native community to be had. ... However, if they want to read some books, interact with some tribal members, and take steps towards understanding and respecting the culture, then speak more about how their attitudes have changed, that, I think, would be grounds to supporting them, and forgiving them. I think they keep dragging it out because their lack of knowledge and understanding really convinces them that they've done nothing wrong.”
Comment:  Nice to hear Fallin, Battles, and Pink Pony are suffering for their effrontery. Maybe they shouldn't tangle with dedicated activists in the social media age, eh?

For more on Christina Fallin, see Coyne Apologizes for Dog Headdress and Scurlock Explains Flaming Lips Firing.

Below:  "Photo of Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp-Muhl tweeted by Lennon to Wayne Coyne. Source: via The Lost Ogle."

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