May 07, 2014

Little Mix salutes stereotypical "warriors"

Little Mix Would Like You All to Dress up In Headdresses and Warpaint When Attending Their Shows

The Pinterest board in question:

Salute Warrior Theme

Adrienne Keene had some comments for Little Mix on Twitter:

Dr. Adrienne K. @NativeApprops May 7
THIS IS A PROBLEM. MT @LittleMix We've made a #SaluteWarrior inspiration board for you on @pinterest :)

Dr. Adrienne K. @NativeApprops May 7
I'm cool with gladiators @LittleMix. Xena? Totally badass. Native people? NOT FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Read up:

Dr. Adrienne K. @NativeApprops May 7
#SaluteWarrior = stereotyping and cultural appropriation. Not appreciation or honor. Tell @LittleMix what you think.

Dr. Adrienne K. @NativeApprops May 7
"The day I decided to be a Native American!" @LittleMix … #PeopleNotCostumes

My comment a few days later:

BlueCornComics ‏@bluecorncomics
@NativeApprops Is it my imagination or did @LittleMix remove the worst offenders from their Pinterest board without saying anything?

For more on the subject, see Little Mix Singer in a Headdress.

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