May 20, 2014

Windy apologizes for headdress

Emerson Windy on 'Peace Pipe' Video: 'It Was My Decision, My Mistake'Rapper Emerson Windy, under fire for a music video that Native Americans find deeply disrespectful, posted a long statement to his Facebook page today discussing the matter. In it he addresses American Indians directly admitting to having made a "mistake" and regretting his "naive ignorance surrounding your traditions." He also says that he was misinformed by apparently-Native advisers, and that he is guilty of disrespect, but not racism.

Windy's video drew sharp, often aggressive criticism on social media, and while Windy may be offering a better-than-average apology, the video is still available for viewing on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop. Many of those offended will likely see a contradiction in admitting something was an error and disrespectful, yet leaving it in public view. By this point in the saga of No Doubt's "Looking Hot" video, the clip was long gone from YouTube.
Comment:  I like the part about how he'll let us remove our accusations of racism rather than do it himself. Nope, I think we're good with leaving them in place.

As usual, Windy's intent and ignorance are no excuse. He stereotyped Indians as primitive people of the past, a racist act whether he intended it or not.

And how educated do you have to be to know you don't dress up as people of other races. Redface is wrong for the same reasons as blackface.

For more on the subject, see Emerson Windy in a Headdress.

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