August 02, 2007

Golf course to teach culture

Temecula's new course is Journey at PechangaWhen Minniear was asked about the course's signature holes, or trademarks, she didn't waste any time mentioning the sixth hole. The tee rises 300 feet above the ground and requires a shot over a ravine, she said.

"Every hole has been named and although the names aren't final, that one will be called The Place of the View," Minniear said. "There is a Luiseno name tied to that. From there you can literally see the entire Temecula Valley."

She also mentioned the par-3 17th hole, nestled into a hillside, and the 18th, which will be integrated around existing oak trees. Great care and attention was also given to respecting the region's past.

"Through the course we have been able to highlight the cultural aspects of the Pechanga people," Minniear said. "As part of the true experience the carts will have a top of the line GPS system that will not only have yardages, but information based on the history of the land. How they used the land and what was significant about it. The entire course is going to deliver an unforgettable experience."

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