August 10, 2007

Massaging kinks on the links

When in Pain, PGA Tour Players Turn to Healer“No one really knows exactly what I do,” said Weathers, who has been called a shiatsu master, a reflexologist and a healer. “They try to say, ‘Hey, he’s a massage therapist,’ but it’s more than that.”

In the traveling circus that is the PGA Tour, rife with players, caddies and officials hop-scotching the globe, the muscular Weathers is at tournaments 36 weeks during the year. His latest recognition came from massaging Phil Mickelson’s injured left wrist during the Memorial Tournament and the United States Open, but Weathers has worked with as many as 40 players on the Tour.

The son of a Choctaw Indian father and a mother of Irish descent, Weathers took a circuitous route to his occupation. He grew up in Napa Valley, Calif., graduated from high school and joined the Army before becoming a Green Beret.

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