October 27, 2008

"All Native women are hoes"

Open Season on NativesThis past Friday, I received a few e-mails with this shocker:

“Today a shock jock named T-Man on 93.3 F.M. in Seattle made some very racist remarks stating “All native women are hoes because [we] have casinos & [we’re] all drunk.”

Apparently it got even worse from there. Interestingly enough, on the 9am portion of the website of T-MAN ON DEMAND, those comments are nowhere to be found.

I’m saying “shocker” with a written tone of sarcasm, because this is like the 10th e-mail I received this week with someone in my community outcrying against blatantly overt, extreme racism that has happened that barely anyone is reacting to, yet again.
Comment:  We're reacting here, Jessica. I can't help it if the whole world doesn't read Newspaper Rock (yet). <g>

Do you think the sexual objectification of Native women in such cases as Taj Passion and Redskin magazine has anything to do with the DJ's comments? I do.

For more on the subject, see Indian Women as Sex Objects.

Below:  Rainmaker from the Gen13 comic book.


Anonymous said...

I never heard the word, "ho" until about 1972 when I was stationed in Europe as just a young, dumb G.I.

My best friend, who was African-American, informed me once on a night out on the town that, "This German ho wants to give you some p."

Translation: "This German whore wants to give you some pussy."

All throughout Germany then, almost every G.I. I encountered referred to a woman as a "ho." Women there were truly regarded as simple objects of gratification and nothing more. Where I was stationed there were not any female soldiers assigned to that unit until my final three months there (out of thirty). When these enlisted women showed up on base everybody went absolutely wild as though they had never seen an American woman before (I had not seen a single American woman in 27 months at that point in my tour of duty there).

And to all 1300 or so men at that base, these women were referred to as "ho's." I befriended one of the young ladies who was a very lovely 22-year old Puerto Rican who was tall, very slender, wore glasses, was a devout Roman Catholic and very modest in every way - but to all of my buddies, she was just a "ho."

So, then as now, the term "ho" is pretty much a regular component of American slang - but what does this say about our society?

Anonymous said...

By giving these "artists" more coverage you're giving them coverage to spread their hate. Pechanga.net needs to take this site off their feed, it's junk.

Rob said...

I couldn't disagree more, Anonymous. The way to destroy hate speech is to expose it to the light of truth.

At PECHANGA.net we don't have a policy on this particular type of posting, but we do on the related subject of Native sports mascots. We post mascot stories prominently so people will study and learn from them.

Unknown said...

I find it a bit disturbing that your post generated the Google ads it did. You spoke out against sexualizing women on the basis of their ethnicity but the first three ads are advertising to meet "Native American Men," "Hot Black Women," and HottieMatchUp.com/NativeAmerican. Lower down is an Oklahoma tourist link advertising "thriving tribes," more hook-ups based on an "exotic" ethnicity often sexualized and, finally, a special DNA test so you can finally find out whether you're Native American or not.

I don't think speaking out against racism glorifies it or gives racists popularity by virtue of their notoriety (Howard Stern being a notable exception), but it really does seem like Google is making money off of your indignation by advertising the very thing you're protesting against.

Rob said...

Good point, Faith. Google's software is kind of lame to associate a critique of "hoes" with "hot" available women. It doesn't even make sense, since most readers are here for information, not a "love connection."

I trust you know that I have no control over which ads Google chooses to use. In fact, the ads I see may not be the ones you see. I look mainly at the whole blog, whereas visitors often go directly to individual postings.

Saje Williams said...

T-Man's a fuck. He's like Tom Lykus, only worse. A drooling, driveling ape with delusions of adequacy. It doesn't surprise me he'd say something like this. Just hearing his voice makes me want to throw things. Or throw up.

Just from the movies I know there are some truly beautiful native women out there, and it says a lot about them that they're not taking the easy route to "fame" such as it is by capitalizing on this phenomenon you address in your blog.

Good for them.

Problem is, many men don't like women. Not really. Oh, they like to look at them, but they don't really want to see them as people. Adding the cultural baggage you describe to it makes it worse.

It's my hope that the next time any woman lays down on the table as a surgeon bends over her with a knife to increase her bust size for some puerile male bullshit she stops to think "what the fuck am I doing?"

Anonymous said...

Most men across the race b
oard tend to this kind of thinking. Work mainly with men, and you'll come to realize that most of them are little better than animals.....