October 23, 2008

Obama gives us hope

Ross:  Life:  The real reason that Indians overwhelmingly support ObamaI’m one of the lucky ones. I grew up largely on welfare, but my mom always made sure that me and my siblings didn’t get comfortable with that structure and pushed us to excel in school and professionally. Now, as a lawyer, I’m in the privileged position of not needing a lot of the safety nets and progressive programs that Sen. Obama offers to all Americans. Still, I try not to act like my story is representative of other Natives and/or Americans, that no one needs these programs. Many members of my family need them--lots of my friends need them.

I shouldn’t be the exception--all rez kids with single parents, like me, should be given access to the same educational opportunities and programs as kids anywhere else in America. It’s about giving all people, rich and poor, an equal shot at life.

Obama gives us the hope. Hope that all of that can happen, and more! A lot of Indian kids relate to a poor, awkward kid with big ears, raised by his single mother and grandparents. The fact that the kid is in a position to win the presidency of the United States of America is a story to which they can all aspire and hope. As much as it has been ridiculed and vilified, “hope of a better life” is precious and priceless to Natives--much more than valuable than politics.
Comment:  This posting gets at the heart of why people vote for candidates: because of their character.

If you think Obama or McCain will implement every program he advocates, you're being silly. Congress has a huge say in the shape and outcome of any proposal. Just as important, Bush's economic disaster will constrain the next president's ability to act.

You should vote for Obama because he promises change while McCain promises more of the same. More wars, more tax cuts, more drilling. More Supreme Court justices in the mold of Robertson and Alito.

Sure, McCain talks about reform and change. But he's part of Bush's culture of corruption and cronyism. The whole premise of his campaign is fatally flawed: "I supported Bush in 2000 and 2004, I voted with him 90% of the time, and I like to hug him. But we need to turn America around 180 degrees and I'm the one to do it."

For more on the subject, see The 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Below:  John McCain, agent of change?


dmarks said...

"Obama gives us hope"

Because hope is something that we don't have unless the federal government gives it to us?

Rob said...

No. Like many other sources (friends and relatives, the economy, religion, the arts), the government can give us hope or take it away. Under Bush, the government has sucked hope out of our affairs, both domestic and foreign. Obama may restore the aspect of hope that Bush took from us.

dmarks said...

"the government has sucked hope out of our affairs"

There's a Clinton joke in there too.