October 22, 2008

Videos of 4Real Peru

Some video outtakes from the half-hour episode of 4Real titled Cameron Diaz Goes to Peru. Each one is only a minute or so long. I like seeing how a celebrity interacts with an indigenous culture.

4REAL Peru Cameron Diaz

4REAL Peru--The Beginning

4REAL Peru--Papa Ki Power

4REAL Peru--Real Shamanism

4REAL Peru--Potato Gun Incident

4REAL Peru--Good Morning

4REAL Peru--Tetris Masters

4REAL Peru--Rodrigo

4REAL Peru--Weaving Families

4REAL Peru--Weaving Generations

4REAL Peru--Hat Test

4REAL Peru--Bungee

4REAL Peru--Hanging on the Train

4REAL Peru--Positive Media

4REAL Peru--Llamas

4REAL Peru--People of Medicine

Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Documentaries and News.

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