November 26, 2008

Hogan at a health center

No place like a hogan

‘It’s about time’ for a hogan at GIMCLast week, Indian Health Services officials opened a new hogan at the Gallup Indian Medical Center with a blessing and dedication ceremony. The hogan is located on the southwest side of the hospital, and GIMC staff said the most heard comment has been, “It’s about time.”

Earlier this year complaints were being made that GIMC was not providing traditional medicine options. Now the GIMC has opened the $18,000 hogan and is constructing two sweat lodges which should open in January.

More than that, the medical center is also establishing an Office of Native Medicine and a traditional Navajo practitioner is scheduled to join the staff next week.

“We’re bringing traditional medicine to collaborate with Western medicine,” GIMC Chief Executive Officer Bennie C. Yazzie said. He added that the IHS leadership in Rockville, Md., is pushing for all facilities to provide traditional health care options.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Hercules vs. Coyote:  Native and Euro-American Beliefs.

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