November 30, 2008

Native careers in entertainment

Breaking into the business

‘Careers in Focus’ connects aspiring entertainers, industry professionalsAspiring American Indian actors, writers, directors and producers gathered at the Autry National Center Sept. 18 to attend an industry event, “Careers in Focus: American Indians in Entertainment.” The evening included a panel discussion featuring top film and television professionals.

Coming to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the movie business is hard for anyone, but it is especially trying for Native people because of the types of roles currently or historically created by Hollywood, including an apparent lack of contemporary roles and limited opportunities. The people who attended the event hope this situation will change.

The “Careers in Focus” event was co-sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild President’s National Task Force on American Indians and the American Indian Center for Television and Film.

The task force was established in January 2007 to promote and safeguard the interests and rights of American Indian performers. The task force believes that a heightened awareness of and commitment to fair employment practices on the part of industry decision makers will lead to an expanded use of the American Indian Performer in features, television, commercials and other multimedia.
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