November 27, 2008

Peltier committee reforms

Peltier family reviving supportAfter following Leonard Peltier’s movement from one federal prison to another, a group seeking to free him has settled in the same city where he was convicted more than 30 years ago in the execution-style killings of two federal agents.

Peltier’s sister, Betty Ann Peltier-Solano, and niece, Kari Ann Cowan, are trying to revive a group that went dormant a few years ago. They have changed its name from the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee to the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, and they hope political changes will help their cause.

“There has been a lot of depression, with him being in jail for nothing and being so far away,” Peltier-Solano said from the committee’s Fargo headquarters, which is filled with Peltier’s artwork. “I just felt like hopeless. Now that I’m here and doing this, I feel more like I’m doing something.”
Comment:  The Defense Offense Committe? Kind of awkward, isn't it? I liked the previous name better.

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