November 22, 2008

Making of Native Nations: Standing Together

Native rights documentary has local tiesA former Muskogee woman and her husband have been involved in a nationally broadcast documentary about Native American rights.

Becky Barnette Beane, 57, said she worked on the film with her husband Syd, who was a producer and writer.

Titled “Native Nations Stand Together For Civil Rights,” the documentary is scheduled to air at 1 p.m. Sunday on ABC. Beane said it is the first network documentary entirely produced by Native Americans.

“The film deals with civil rights, fishing rights, water rights, mining, health care, education, and unrecognized tribes,” she said. “It points out that many of the issues are still being worked on today, such as health care, or who is an Indian and what is a tribe.”
Comment:  I believe the title is Native Nations: Standing Together, not Native Nations Stand Together. In any case, the title isn't very marketable and isn't really accurate, either. A better title would be something like White God and Red Man: How the Lutheran Church Helped Indians Succeed.

One o'clock Sunday afternoon is a better time slot than Native Nations got in LA. I guess Oklahomans are more interested in Indian affairs.

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