April 17, 2009

Comanche boxer does war dance

A report on boxer George “Comanche Boy” George Tahdooahnippah:

TSS Prospect Watch:  Comanche BoyFor now, he’s pumped to be known as the Native American Boxing Council 168 pound champion, a title he earned with a 9-12-08 TKO7 of Jonathan Corn: “I’ll be bold and say that I’m the best Native American at middleweight in the US.”

Asked to point to a few Native American boxers who he looks to as role models, Comanche Boy is sort of stumped. I mention Danny “Little Red” Lopez as one native boxer who comes to mind, but we are both stumped after that. Joe Hipp, I come up with. The fighter mentions the multi-sport legend Jim Thorpe, an Oklahoma native, as a role model.

Comanche Boy isn’t looking to use his heritage as a gimmick, something to set himself apart in the climb to recognition. Sure, the pageantry and aura that accompany his war dance after he stops a foe, and his fans bang drums, and whoop and holler with Comanche fervor, makes a Comanche Boy KO a compelling sight. But he wants to build himself up into a well rounded sweet scientist, because he knows there will come a day when his game changing hook won’t be enough.
Comment:  So Tahdooahnippah does a war dance and encourages his fans to bang drums and whoop. But he isn't using his heritage as a gimmick? I'd hate to see what he'd do if he were using his heritage as a gimmick.

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