April 25, 2009

Yeagley goes ape over Obama

Normally David Yeagley the Indian apple couches his pro-white arguments in decent language. But as I should've guessed, the election of Barack Obama sent him over the edge. Now he's making his racism clear for everyone to see.

Composer Brent Michael Davids gives us some of Yeagley's recent rants:

Yeagley still trying to change his brown eyes blueYEAGLEY—“The long arms of the American political ‘ape’ have reached the Orient. Communist-based racism...This is a sure formula for the dissolution of nations... you will have supreme sexual desire for the Negro, and you will render complete cooperation with his every desire. You will be his slave... his reign is endorsed by the alien black African Communist in Washington... This is true racism” (Jan 2009).

YEAGLEY—“regarding blackness of Hussein & Co. is of course an unspeakable insult and denigration... deeply sinister and racist... doting over a cute little company of chimpanzees who seem so wonderfully human... Hussein’s utter lack of qualification... only show the most denigrating, humiliating, racist attitude the world has ever seen” (Jan 2009).
Yeagley so mad he sees white!YEAGLEY—“I despise the ideas and purposes of B Hussein O, and will work against him in every legal way... Hussein is a fluke and a fake... the ignorant and misinformed public was basically "willingly" raped by this pretender? ... He is a profound enemy of the country” (Dec 2008).

YEAGLEY—“How could America elect a foreign black Communist? How could the majority of the population be so deceived? How could the nation commit treason against itself? ... Americans voted for an African black to assuage their pity for the miserable race” (Nov 2008).
Comment:  For more on Obama and racism, see The 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Below:  Someone who agrees with Yeagley that Obama is a monkey.


Ananda girl said...

What a nasty, obscene and creepy man. Appalling!

Anonymous said...

For the last time, Yeagley has to be an Indian to be an apple. A white guy pretending to be an Indian who acts like a white racist isn't an apple. Dick Wilson was an apple. Yeagley...I guess we could call him a Wintel box?

dmarks said...

Maybe I missed it or forgot what was said before, but this seems even worse than what I recall reading in the way of Yeagley quotes prior to this.

Anon: Non-Apple computers are usually called PCs. Aside from that, the terms "apple", "oreo", etc are kind of racist in themselves, as they attack people for not behaving in an expected (stereotypical perhaps?) way.... for breaking out of the expected pigeonhole of behavior for a particular racial group.

But anyway, Yeagley might fit the definition of the term, because supposedly he is recognized as a member of a legitimate Native tribe.