April 17, 2009

Graham Greene joins New Moon

'Twilight Saga's New Moon' Cast Revealed

New names include Graham Green and Cameron Bright.After months of waiting, hoping and speculating, the studio behind the "Twilight" saga has finally given millions of fans what they've been wanting: An official cast announcement for "New Moon." And as the currently filming sequel continues to roll cameras, Twilighters can look forward to a good mix of fresh-faced newcomers and familiar film veterans.

"New castmembers include the legendary Volturi, a venerable coven of vampires who weigh and impose the laws of the vampire world, as well as two new members of the Quileute Indian Nation," reads the press release posted Wednesday (April 15) on the Summit Entertainment site. "The Volturi include Charlie Bewley as Demetri, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Daniel Cudmore as Felix, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, all Volturi enforcers. Dakota Fanning plays Jane, a high-ranking and powerful Volturi member, and Cameron Bright is Alec, her brother. Noot Seear plays Volturi member Heidi. Michael Sheen plays Aro, the Volturi leader. Graham Greene appears as Harry Clearwater, Quileute tribal leader and old friend of Bella's father Charlie. Tinsel Korey is Emily, the fiancée of Sam Uley."
Meet The Cast Of "New Moon"

Comment:  For more on the subject, see Quileute Werewolves Will Be Real Indians and Seeking Natives for New Moon.


dmarks said...

Missing is Leah, which caused controversy because of the possible choice of Vanessa Hudgens. I read elsewhere that the character has been dropped from the "New Moon" movie.

Anonymous said...

Whoo-Hoo love Graham Greene!!