April 17, 2009

Searching for a Native Obama

Searching for a Native Obama

By Kevin Abourezk[A]n idea took root: I would create a Facebook interest group where people could suggest Native American leaders who they think embody qualities associated with Obama.

Unable to find any such Facebook group devoted to that question, I went about creating the interest group.
And:Here's my description of the group: "A group created to identify Native American leaders who have the potential to become president one day and who share qualities associated with Barack Obama: optimism, integrity, charisma and confidence."

I went about inviting 50 or so friends to become members of the group and suggest Native leaders they see as embodying the president's qualities.

Now, I plan to step aside and see what people come up with (assuming anyone's interested enough to join the group).

So tell me, who in Indian Country do you think could one day be a Native Obama?
Comment:  I agree with Abourezk that Obama has the right qualities for a Native (or minority) president. Of course, I'd probably phrase them differently. The person would have to be smooth and polished--the type who could fit in at a country club, in a board room, or in Congress. He or she would have to be free of scandals, controversies, even hard-edged opinions. The person would have to focus on the greatness of Indian peoples and cultures and not say a word about the crimes committed against them.

As I said in No Natives for President? the right candidate could unite Indian country and make a run for the White House. I don't know many tribal leaders or lawyers--at least not well--but I think they'd make good candidates. In fact, I'm sure there are many fine candidates among them. It's just a matter of finding the right ones and coaxing them to run--presumably with the backing of gaming tribes.

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