April 21, 2009

Hollywood's "liberals" are bigots

Latoya Peterson of Racialicious calls an article in Fade In magazine "one of the most illuminating pieces I’ve ever read on racism in Hollywood." Here's a key quote from the article:

Fade In Magazine Talks Racism in HollywoodScreenwriter: “Hollywood’s not liberal. That is such an oxymoron; such a joke. There are so many things… I don’t even know where to begin, because it’s so pinned up, because you have to control it. One of the things that Hollywood, along with society, has successfully done is blame the victim. You’re the victim of racism, but they blame you if you say anything. You will never be able to get behind a computer again in your life.

“Hollywood is anything but liberal. I call them liberal bigots. Hollywood is filled with liberal bigots, and they use the thing of being liberal as a reason for being bigoted, for if they’d listen to themselves talk, and listen to their friends talk, they would find that they tell way too many black jokes, ethnic jokes.”
Comment:  Although the article and the people commenting on it talk mainly about blacks, this problem applies to Indians too. See my comments in the thread for my thoughts on the subject.

For more on the diversity issue, see Diversity Lacking in Television.

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