June 02, 2009

Johnny Depp talks about Tonto

Johnny Depp eyes Tonto turnIn a wide-ranging interview from Little Hal's Pond Cay, his 45-acre Bahamas paradise, Depp admits he has a soft spot for the renegades he's played on-screen.

Now the 46-year-old actor is considering offers to play Tonto as a shrewd man behind the legend in a remake of "The Lone Ranger."

"Tonto needs to be in charge," says Depp, who is part Cherokee Indian. "The Lone Ranger should be a fool, a lovable one, but a fool nonetheless."
Comment:  Huh? Depp isn't locked in to play Tonto already? That's news to me.

Playing Tonto as shrewd and the Lone Ranger as foolish is one way to do it. Somehow I doubt that's the approach Jerry Bruckheimer has in mind. But if Depp can convince him to take this approach, something good may come of casting a non-Native as the Native Tonto.

For more on the subject, see Johnny Depp to Redefine Tonto? and Friday, Tonto, Jacob Black, et al.

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Anonymous said...

Johnny Depp should talk to my father about Jay Silverheels. They were close friends and sang at many of the American Indian churches around inner-city Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s. By all accounts they were both Southern Baptist Christians. My father is 76 years old right now so Mr Depp might have to speak up a bit. Thx, Damon Runninghorse-Buckley cinemabrule@gmail.com