January 08, 2010

Preview of Nuummioq

NuummioqStructure of the film

The title of the film, ”Nuummioq,” means “a resident of Nuuk.” ”Nuummioq” takes places in the capital city of Nuuk, on the northern edge of our planet, the Inuit Arctic, and portrays Nuuk as a modern and multi-cultural society with people who live, love and die. Likewise, it reveals people’s good and bad sides, their personal challenges and idiosyncrasies.

”Nuummioq” is a window onto daily life in Greenland. A story about love, friendship, life and death among ordinary people in Nuuk.


After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Malik joins his best friend on his last boat trip into the fjord.

Malik is a 35 year old carpenter living in Nuuk. Things are starting to look bright in Malik's life, when he´s diagnosed with terminal cancer and faces a difficult decision: Leaving his hometown to recieve medical care that would perhaps prolong his life--or stay in Nuuk with family and friends and die within a few months. Malik and his childhood friend Mikael decide to go on a the last boat trip into the fjord, where they seek out the carefree world of their childhood. During this boat trip, the two friends rediscover their friendship and Malik is given an opportunity to come to terms with his own imminent death.
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