April 24, 2010

Eagle released on Earth Day

Eagle soars on Earth Day

Iowa Tribe releases a rehabilitated bird

By Clifton Adcock
A bald eagle nursed back to health was released into the sky on Earth Day in a spiritual event among more than 100 spectators.

"Bless us! Bless us! Back to the world," yelled Bobby Fields on Thursday as the eagle began its ascent.

Fields, chief of public safety for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, said the eagle holds a special place in nature.

"For me, for our nation's people, our eagles are sacred," Fields said. "Those prayers fly with him, and they are carried up to the creator."
Iowa Tribe Restores Health to Eagles

By Emily WoodThe bald Eagle was once at risk for extinction. But the Iowa Tribe in Oklahoma has worked to save the eagles and restore their place in the wild.

It can take years to help an injured bird heal, but on Earth Day the tribe released one of those eagles to fly back to his family.

The eagles are permanent residents at the Bah Kho-Je xla chi Eagle Sanctuary. Some have lifelong injuries, and others have handicaps that prevent them from flying long distances. None of them could survive for long in the wild.

"The big one's lucky, cause it's lucky we found she had a broken collar bone," Aviary Manager Victor Roubidoux said.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Ecological Indian Talk.

Below:  "Victor Roubidoux, an Iowa tribal elder and aviary manager, releases a once-injured bald eagle after a spiritual ceremony on Earth Day on Thursday." (Zach Gray/For the Tulsa World)

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