April 25, 2010

ICT interviews Wayne Newton

An interview with Wayne Newton

By Vincent SchillingHaving celebrated more than 50 years as an entertainer in Las Vegas, Wayne Newton now has another reason to celebrate. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, Newton’s birth state, his tribe, the Powhatan Patawomecks were granted state recognition.

In an interview with Indian Country Today, “Mr. Las Vegas” took some time to express his feelings about Patawomeck state recognition and what it means to be an American Indian that has achieved such a great level of success.

ICT: After you testified in Virginia in February, the Patawomeck were quickly granted state recognition, how does that feel?

Wayne Newton: I am so thrilled beyond words. It was amazing how quick it went through. I think maybe for the first time, many people in that committee got that we were fighting to be recognized and it wasn’t just an ego trip on our part. I think that they then took that same energy, and that same insight into the larger body of lawmakers.

I was actually on tour when the chief called me and said, ‘we are through.’
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Wayne Newton's Abandoned Jet and Newton Stumps for "Newton Indians."

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