April 24, 2010

Counting coup in Castle

Castle mentions Indians for the third week in a row. In this week's episode, Den of Thieves (airdate: 4/19/10), crime boss Joey Racine explains where he was when a murder occurred.RACINE:  Home. And I have round-the-clock bodyguards who can attest to my whereabouts. But you don't think I killed Finch. You assume I had somebody do it for me, so you're here just to [touches Castle with a golf club] count coup, aren't you?

DEMMING:  Sorry. What was that?

CASTLE:  The Plains Indians considered it an act of bravery to get close enough to one of their enemies to touch them with a coup stick. Is my hair...?

DEMMING:  Looks good.

CASTLE:  Thanks.
Castle has a nice streak going. Let's see if it continues next week. This could be a record for most Indian mentions in a row by a TV show without regular Native characters.

Incidentally, I checked who wrote the episodes. Three different writers did them. Either it's a coincidence or someone--the producers? Nathan Fillion?--is inserting the Indian references.

For more on the subject, see Sacagawea in Castle and Maya Mummy in Castle.

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