December 08, 2010

Saginaw Chippewa to patent logo?

Tribe begins process to protect logo

By Patricia EckerThe Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe took steps to protect their Tribal logo as early as 1982, but it has recently become a priority for sitting Tribal Council to move toward "protection" of the Tribal symbol.

The process has begun to patent the Tribal logo and the tag line, "Working Together For Our Future."

"Tribal Council asked PR (public relations) to work with the administration to build a policy of appropriateness (for use of the Tribal logo)," said Frank Cloutier, public relations director for the Tribe. "Two council's ago, a graphic standard of appropriateness was created (for the Tribal logo).
Comment:  I didn't know you could patent a logo. I would've thought a trademark was the right protection.

For more on the subject, see (Mis)Using the Zia Symbol and Who Owns Native Culture?

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