September 15, 2007

Great film in the making?

“The Only Good Indian” is a Good ExperienceI was e-mailed a script. I was eager to read it, but also was secretly dreading that it just might be horrible, or show Native people in a stereotypical light. Or just be downright cheesy.

But it wasn’t. It was actually great. Written by co-producer Tom Carmody, the story shows what it was like to be forced to go to government-run Indian boarding schools in the early 1900s.

From the early looks of things, it’s going to be a very good film. It’s a drama, a Western, a road movie, an adventure, a mystery, an action film—all in one. It’s a great role for Wes Studi with lots of range. And newcomer Winter Fox, who plays the central character Charlie, is going to be big after this film. Deservedly so, he’s a really great guy.

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