September 15, 2007

Rock's owner sick of tribe's talk

Need Cash?  Just Auction Off a MeteoriteWord that the tribe was upset troubled Mr. Pitt. So did the fallout from an Associated Press article on Thursday. That article followed one in The New York Sun that focused on the auction, to be held at Bonhams, at 595 Madison Avenue.

“You’re talking about the Grand Ronde, and this is actually making me sick,” Mr. Pitt said. “The Grand Ronde is such a small fraction of the story. This thing is older than the universe. This is a conspicuously missing piece that is being offered for sale.”

That was in the morning. By midafternoon, after a stream of calls prompted by the A.P. story, he sent an e-mail message saying, “I’ve just so had it.” He added, “The beliefs of the Grand Ronde should not preclude science or the commerce of meteorites.”

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Yes, all of existence exists and is present ONLY so that it can become saleable property and therefore NOT intellectual or cultural or human property, which would mean that it must be preserved intact. That man likely would sell his own kidneys or corneas or extremities, or those of his mother without compunction, if the prices were high enough...
All Best
Russ Bates