September 06, 2007

Racist "satire" of Wikipedia

Native AmericansNative Americans, or "injuns," as they like to be called, are the indigenous peoples of America. They got pwned by Columbus during the colonization of America, and their spirits have been crushed ever since. Native Americans are relatively uncontrollable due to widespread depression about their decimation. Either that or they're too fucked up on high gravity beer and don't respond. The Indian reservations don't sell alcohol on Sundays, so an alcohol substitute was created by diluting a bottle of cheap hairspray, usually the 99 cent Aqua Net, in a gallon of water. This beverage in known as ocean. When you drink it it makes you want to pass out on the railroad tracks. This usually results in the consumer getting pwned by a freight train. If you're in search of the red nigger, normally you can find them in KFC, spending their government cheques while clutching to their crack babies, bitching about how they live on a reserve yet never make the effort to get a job. Most female injuns become Teenmommies by the age of 13.


Moonscream said...

To say its a Wikipedia article is misleading.

Encyclopedia Dramatica IS a wiki-style website, but its meant for 'recording of internet drama' which usually devolves into lowest common denominator offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, 'jokes' and 'satire'.

Yeah, I went there for about an hour once. Haven't been back.

But its NOT Wikipedia.

Rob said...

I said it was a satire of Wikipedia, not a satire on (as in "posted on") Wikipedia. The difference between "of" and "on" is small but crucial.