April 10, 2008

No peace for White Eagle

Brawl erupts at peace ceremonyOrganizers of a prayer ceremony hoped to promote unity by playing a seven-foot Grandmother drum that is intended to symbolize the universal heart of all races at Chapman Middle School, but the April 4 ritual ended with the arrests of four protesters who challenged the validity of the event.

Police charged Hartman Deetz, 31, of Mashpee and Dylan Lach, 22 of Sagamore with assault and battery on a police officer, trespassing, and disorderly conduct in connection with the saga that began at about 9:20 p.m.

“Hartman Deetz and Dylan Lach got into a struggle with the officer who was on hand for the event,” said Sgt. Rick Fuller. “There were two females with them who became very vocal and refused to leave at the request of the officer.”
How the row started:“They had the smell of alcohol and marijuana on their breath,” White Eagle said. ”They came up to me and screamed at me. I believe they are all Wampanoag nation members.”

White Eagle said that Hartman was especially vocal to her.

“They called me an wannabe and said I was ripping people off,” White Eagle said about their references to a Native American garb she wore, the admission price to the ceremony, and a two-day workshop that was held over the weekend at Chapman.
Comments from readers:hartman deetz 2008-04-08T23:11:56

wicked local should get both sides if it is truly objective

any one no matter what faith should know a scam when people are charged up to 300 dollars a head to pray or gather for peace

these things should never be tainted with money

Bonnie Singleton 2008-04-09T20:57:44

The only crime committed in Weymouth on April 4th was the Whirling Rainbow gathering. It's a shame that gigantic "Grandmother Drum" wasn't set on fire. White Eagle Medicine Woman is no more a spiritual leader than my cat is.

B. Paddles Upstream 2008-04-09T21:12:08

Whirling Rainbow Gathering and their "Leader" is another example of Cultural Theft and Fraud of our Native Culture, that is the crime that happened on April 4th. Native People around Turtle Island needs to speak out about these frauds.
Comment:  The woman's name alone is a clue. How many White Eagles are there selling spiritual guidance in the US? Dozens?

We should suspect anyone called Wolf Moon Dancer, Soaring Hawk Spirit, or White Eagle Medicine Woman. Names like these are almost never genuine.

For more on the subject, see Indian Wannabes.

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Rachel Mae said...

I personally went to protest this white ego women when she came to visit Michigan. We called fish and wildlife one her because of the two eagle wings she wears on her back. She told us that her "preyformences" have nothing to do with native Americans and that her websites where just a misunderstanding. Funny huh? She told us then that her ancestors where witches that had been persecuted in Europe....to bad she said the week before she was senca and the week before that she was jewish. on youtube there is a couple videos we posted about her lies feel free to check them out.