September 05, 2008

Flying Elvi at Pojoaque

New resort opens at Pojoaque with Vegas-like flareThe Flying Elvi leapt from their plane a couple of minutes early to beat the dark rain clouds that threatened from above Pojoaque Pueblo's new resort.

At first, the skydivers appeared as mere specks to the 500 gathered for Wednesday's grand opening of the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino.

But as they opened their stunt parachutes and soared toward the parking lot, their white jumpsuits with red trim, gold-framed sunglasses and black helmets shaped like Elvis Presley hairdos left no doubt who they were impersonating.

Marketers for the new Hilton-managed hotel-casino-resort were hoping their presence would lend some Las Vegas, Nev.-style glitter to the once-sleepy Pojoaque Valley.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Facts About Indian Gaming.

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