May 24, 2010

Green Lantern out, Cowboys and Aliens in

My pal Victor posted this Tweet today:Just had lunch with Adam Beach. No Green Lantern but he leaves tomorrow to New Mexico to start filming Cowboys & Aliens w/ Harrison Ford.

Comment:  That's Adam with director Lian Lunson. I don't know anything else about the lunch or the casting decision.

Despite the presence of Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) and Adam Beach (Comanche Moon), I fear Cowboys and Aliens will be stereotypical. I'd be amazed if the Apaches in the story don't come across as deadly savages.

For more on the subject, see Adam Beach to Play Tom Kalmaku? and COWBOYS & ALIENS.


Anonymous said...

Wait...They mentioned Crystal Skull? Of all the Harrison Ford movies, they pick that one. (Good actors, bad storyline, too New Agey.)

Moving on, before we had the lovable aliens like E.T., the entire alien trope was one of aliens invading Earth...and treating terrans like the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Germans, Dutch, British, and whatever other colonial powers treated the Indians. Clearly, America was already The Empire.

Rob said...

The Harrison Ford comment was mine, not the moviemakers'. I mentioned Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Comanche Moon to suggest that Ford and Beach aren't exactly sensitive to Native stereotyping.

Anonymous said...

Well, that makes more sense.

There's debate over if America is a republic or an empire, though. For Indians, it's empire. Which the aliens in Cowboys and Aliens are as well. American use of the trope is usually because of Indians.