May 22, 2010

Saginaw Grant in The Dudesons

People are talking about Saginaw Grant's role in the Cowboys & Findians episode of The Dudesons in America. Apparently Saginaw and his wife are defending his participation in the stereotypical antics.

No one has said where these comments are, so I haven't seen or heard them. I've seen only comments about the comments on Facebook.

But his role is still worth discussing. Here's a conversation between me and several people about it:I've been trying to see what the uproar was about....Saginaw and Cher [his wife, not the singer] are defending it and everyone is mad!

Well...I just watched it and I'm speechless...maybe Sag and Cher thought no one would see it....

I don't know what to say about Saginaw's and Cher's defense of it. I probably shouldn't say much at all. People involved in the entertainment industry can probably address that better than I can (and some already are) focus has been limited to the content of the program.

Yeah--I always hate to judge what anyone does, too--you never know what their side/experience has them to do...the content is what has me completely taken back.
I hesitate to criticize actors too. They need the work, they can't control the script or the director, changes are made after they're done, etc.

But this episode is way over the top, and Saginaw Grant is participating in some of the worst scenes. There's no conceivable way he can justify declaring himself "King of All Indians," telling the audience what Indians do, or bestowing feathers on the buffoons.

I mean, all Indians catch fish in their mouths? Really? Let's hope he was too addled to realize what he was doing, because that's about the only excuse I can see.You'll have to bear with me, Rob, but my poor little idealistic mind is having a hard time grasping the "whys" of his participation in it. The content was beyond offensive, and angered me to the point of action. His participation in it...saddening.Interview to provide answers?

Brenda Golden is supposedly interviewing Saginaw Grant on the radio today [Saturday]. I imagine she'll ask him about the controversy. I hope to hear or read something about what he said.Rob--Cher is "Cher Cherokee"--Saginaw's wife--and she's weighing into the fray heavily....and I agree....WHY? Maybe he needs the work, but that team of ass clowns couldn't have paid very well....and how do you compromise everything you are...?

I find it interesting a number of people (who usually seem to have not watched the show or even the clips online) keep saying things like, "Well, he probably wasn't shown the script before he signed the contract." Or, "He didn't write the script." ... It's a REALITY SHOW. There is no script. That's the whole point of "reality" shows.
I agree the episode probably was filmed like a reality show. I imagine they discussed a general outline for each scene and then winged it.

I guess Saginaw could've signed a contract without knowing what he was getting into. I'd put that in the "addled" category. Most people would ask questions first, then sign.

I'm still not seeing much of an explanation here. Even if Saginaw didn't know what was coming, he could've played sick...refused to participate...or claimed misrepresentation and sued. Were the Dudesons gonna hardball him when they could easily find another real or fake Indian? I don't think so.I'll say this, Rob--after listening to the interview with Saginaw on Blogtalk earlier tonight, I'm as baffled as ever. Everything he said--about who he is, what he believes, and the life he lives--completely contradicts his appearance and participation in that program. He wasn't asked to speak directly about the Dudesons episode (at least not during the interview I listened to), but he did speak at length about not being willing to sacrifice his principles or perpetuate stereotypes in filmmaking. So...I'm at a loss. I am hanging on to the tiniest shred of hope that the man I heard speaking on Blogtalk is the real Saginaw, and that there's more to this than we know about at this point. (Call me idealistic...or unrealistic...but my ears heard a man speaking from the heart.) But then, of course, all I have to do is see the episode again, and that shred of hope becomes a little more frayed and unravels a bit more. My idealism and I are going to bed, it's been a long day.So Brenda Golden didn't ask Saginaw Grant about the Dudesons? How did she manage to avoid the subject on everyone's mind? Hmm.

I guess I'll have to listen to the interview when I have time. For more on the subject, see Dudesons Too "Stoopid" to Matter? and Natives Protest The Dudesons.

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