July 14, 2010

Alaska Native comic-book artists

A question via e-mail:Last year or the year before at the UAA comicon two Native American graphic artists were showcased because they did some comics with some of the Native American legends.

Is this your company?  Was it the company featured?
UAA stands for the University of Alaska Anchorage. The "comicon" may have been this event:

The First Ever UAA 24-Hour Comic-a-thon

Anyway...no, it wasn't me or my Blue Corn Comics company. One of the Native artists probably was this guy:Dimi Macheras

Macheras has created comic books based on traditional Alaska Native stories: Strong Man, Besiin, Tsaani: A Grizzly Bear Story, and C'eyiige' Hwnax (Magic House).
I discussed and reviewed his comics back in 2007:

Review of STRONG MAN
Review of Chickaloon comics
Chickaloon comics
Background on STRONG MAN

For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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