July 26, 2010

Carolla:  Pioneers "raped by Indians"

We get e-mail:Rob,

Thanks for creating your blog, it is a great educational tool! I am sending you an email to make you aware of a pretty derogatory joke on Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 21st. Guest Adam Carolla is joking about being a pioneer in the world of podcasts in which he says that being a pioneer is not so good because all you do is "Eat berries and get raped by Indians," which got a pretty big laugh. I feel that this little off-color joke demands your brand of investigation and commentary, since it reinforces whitewashing of history, the Native-as-savage stereotype, and is just plain offensive...rape is one of the most disgusting of crimes, and to be falsely accused of it in front of a national audience does great damage. Not to mention, if Adam Carolla replaced "Indian" with any other minority, he would be on again tonight apologizing a la Michael Richards. Please look into it, I'm anxious to see your response.

The video can be found here:

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The joke is about a 2 1/2 minutes into the clip.


Comment:  Thanks for the kind words, friend. I think you said it all regarding Carolla's "joke." It would be the same as saying, "Being a Southerner wasn't so good because all you did is pick cotton and get raped by Negroes."

For more late-night "humor," see Immigration Joke on Tonight Show and Leno:  Mobsters Run Foxwoods.

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