July 30, 2011

Adam Beach as Harrison Ford's son

Ford has Beach of a 'son' in summer blockbuster

By Randall KingFor a summer action movie, Cowboys & Aliens has a hefty amount of emotional back story, especially for Beach, whose Apache character was adopted as a youth by Ford's crusty Col. Dolarhyde.

Beach, 38, lost both his parents within an eight-week period when he was just eight-years-old, and he says he used that history to get into the headspace of Nate, who quietly reveres Dolarhyde.

"My father passed at a young age," Beach says. "I just adapted that by looking at (Ford) at all times, longing for that father.

"With our characters, I'm always looking for his approval but he's such an ass, I've got to take the brunt (of his temper). But who wouldn't want Harrison Ford as a father, you know what I mean?"
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Anonymous said...

If every character played by an actor is every other character played by that same actor (a grand unifying guess over at TV Tropes), we now have that Mutt's a crazy cop and the son of a drug smuggler. Interesting.

Shonie said...

I saw Harrison Ford on a late show the other night. From what I saw and heard, I think he's an arrogant self centered ass that bragged about himself, his lifestyle and money way too much.