July 12, 2011

"Red-men" plan casino for "pale-faces"

A conservative racist associate professor of economics tries his hand at "satire" and fails.

Reparations Via Crazy Horse Slots

By Ralph R. ReilandIn a development that's sure to move large piles of cash from the wallets of the pale-faces to the pockets of the red-men, the Seminole Tribe of Florida has applied for permits to build a huge Hard Rock casino on the boardwalk. It's a $275 million project, planned to be developed in stages, ending with 850 rooms.

Add a thousand Crazy Horse slot machines with pretty cocktail waitresses serving free fire water, and the pale-faces won't know what hit 'em.
Hinting at his ignorance of sovereignty and gaming, Reiland continues:With tribal sovereignty in place that gives the Seminoles the right to self-government, there's no public accounting required regarding how much money each tribal member receives from the tribe's gambling operations, its citrus business, or its 25-million-packs-a-year cigarette business. But current estimates are around $200,000 annually for each family of four.

From people across the country seeking to cash in via group victimhood membership, the tribe receives dozens of requests daily from folks trying to determine if they belong on any Seminole family tree. It's like the scratch lottery.

Comment:  I'm not sure what kind of "public accounting" Reiland expects. Most governments and corporations don't list the salaries of every employee. This is roughly the same thing.

"Group victimhood membership" is the conservative notion of what the targets of genocide are. We can all repeat the right-wing mantra by now: "You lost, quit whining, get over it." In other words, "We tried to kill you, you should've died, so stop making us feel guilty about our crimes."

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